Organization Chart
Organization Chart Organization Chart

Percentages denote equity interest as at September 30, 2019, unless otherwise noted.

(1)  As of January 1, 2020, Great-West Life, London Life and Canada Life amalgamated into a single company: Canada Life. Canada Life holds a 3.9% interest in IGM Financial (IGM), and IGM holds a 4.0% interest in Great-West Lifeco (Lifeco).
(2)  Representing 100% of the voting interests.
(3)  Power Corporation also holds a 13.9% interest in China AMC. IGM and Power Corporation hold a combined 27.8% interest in China AMC.
(4)  Power Financial holds a 63% interest, and Lifeco and IGM also hold equal interests of 18.5%, in Portag3 Ventures LP (Portag3). Power Financial, Lifeco and IGM also hold equal interests of 9.3% in Portag3 Ventures II LP (Portag3 II). Sagard Holdings, a wholly owned subsidiary of Power Corporation, holds a 5.7% interest in Portag3 II.
(5)  Power Financial, Portag3 and IGM hold undiluted equity interests in Wealthsimple of 20.9%, 17.1% and 46.8%, respectively, representing a combined voting interest of 85.3% and a fully diluted equity interest of 69.7%.
(6)  Power Financial, Lifeco and IGM hold equal interests of 8.9%, and Portag3 and Portag3 II hold interests of 3.6% and 43.9%, respectively, in Koho.
(7)  Held through Parjointco, a jointly controlled corporation (50%). Representing 75.4% of the voting interests in Pargesa.
(8)  Representing 51.7% of the voting interests in Groupe Bruxelles Lambert (GBL).

(9)  Refer to the Pargesa page of this website for a list of GBL’s main investments in public companies.

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